What do we do?

Clog Dawg Jett is a new service specific business located out of Marietta, GA.

We offer hydro jetting services to UNCLOG all those IMPOSSIBLE drains!! When regular snaking or low pressurized jetting doesn’t do the trick, we bring in the BIG GUNS. Both carefully crafted and designed cabling equipment complete with specialty nozzles, along with 4,000 PSI worth of high pressure jetting capabilities! When you’ve got drains that may have been infiltrated by hair, soap scum, soils, tree roots, grease, fats, or even ice build-up, we have the HIGH PRESSURE ADVANTAGE of clearing it out!

We stand by the quality of our equipment, professionalism and overall level of expertise!

Trying to decide if this service could benefit you? We offer both residential and commercial jetting! If you’re a commercial location and you’re not sure, here are a few you’d find most commonly in need of what we do!

Restaurants, food service, grocery stores, industrial parks, hotels, office buildings, food processing plants, government offices or buildings, manufacturing, and strip mall type properties where drains are often shared.

Not only is this helpful for clearing out a major problem, it’s also helpful when done preventatively as a form of regular maintenance. If you can keep your drain systems flowing the way they’re supposed to be using a high-pressure water jetting approach, you’ll avoid those MAJOR problems they can turn into!

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