Preventative Maintenance

Do you want a solution to regular build up and slow-downs? What we offer is a way to really stay on top of things by scheduling what we call Preventative Maintenance, or routine, tender-loving care for those hard-working pipes! If you fall into any of the following categories, you may want to check this out!

Restaurants, food service, grocery stores, industrial parks, hotels, office buildings, food processing plants, government offices or buildings, manufacturing, and strip mall type properties where drains are often shared.

Why is this a grand idea you may ask? A lot of individuals or businesses ONLY reach out when it becomes a major problem, and if you’re one of those places that really requires functionality of your drains (and let’s be honest who doesn’t) you’ve probably started to lose money if you haven’t already! Sure, Clog Dawg Jett can come out the one time to get you right, but why not set something up so you know you won’t end up in this EXACT SAME mess of a position just a few months down the line. As a business owner, you’ve got to think to yourself, “Work smarter, not harder”, ESPECIALLY when it’s YOUR money, YOUR business and YOUR reputation on the line!

We offer a variety of contracts as well as pricing. These contracts range from quarterly, bi-annually and even annually, custom tailored to only what you need! Ask an expert from Clog Dawg Jett what might be right for you and your drains. Save yourself the headache.